Outdoor displays in many shapes and sizes

LEDtampa designs, installs, and maintains a variety of LED digital message displays and software solutions for many industries and applications. We provide Indoor and Outdoor displays in many shapes and sizes. Our Goal is to utilize our years of experience to determine
the correct product design to match your  requirements. Your choices are not limited to specific display sizes; we design, build or outsource based on your needs and application. Our capabilities range from One-Line digital message displays to Large Scale Integrated
digital message display systems.

Our Digital Technology covers a variety of LED displays from Monochrome single color to Full-Color RGB displays.

LED Technology is energy efficient and utilizes 90% less electrical energy than incandescent lamp technology. The Lifespan of LED Lamps is rated at 100,000 hours, which is approximately 10 years.  If you have an Incandescent Lamp Display please consider replacing it with a new LED display.  You may save enough in electrical energy and maintenance to offset off the cost of a new LED display within three to five years.

Software - Our software ranges from basic Windows Based applications to Web-Based integrated flight & baggage information systems.(F.I.D.S. & B.I.D.S.)
We can also import data from external sources such as
APNews Ticker
feeds from the internet and automatically display the news on LED message displays.

Connectivity - Our digital message displays will accept direct cable,  Telephone Modem, Wireless Serial, and Ethernet communications links.